Chesapeake Bay Fishing from the Susquehanna Flat to the Bay Bridge Tunnel, Fishing Guide Service

Location is the Susquehanna Flats region of the upper Chesapeake Bay. This is a prime fishery for Striped Bass.  Guided trips are also available on the lower Susquehanna River for Shad and Smallmouth Bass. Other locations may be suggested based upon the guest(s) interests and time allocated for an outing.

Susquehanna Flats Catch and Release Season     
March 1- May 3

If you want to catch the fish of a lifetime on light tackle, this is the time and place to do it. Large ocean run Stripers return to the upper bay to spawn every spring as they have for thousands of years. Rockfish follow the herring and shad up the bay and into the Susquehanna River around the third week of March when the water starts to warm up.

In April as the water warms and the smaller male fish become more numerous, artificial lures and flies work very well. When the water temp gets up to 50 or more, the top water bite can be spectacular.

 Prime dates go early so call now to book a trip for the big one.

Spring Shad Run

 The White (American) and Hickory shad are another anadromous fish that return to the Susquehanna and its tributaries every spring to spawn. Many local anglers look forward to annual shad run and the non-stop action it can provide after a long winter of watching fishing shows on TV.

Hickory shad are also known as poor mans tarpon for their hard fighting and jumping after being hooked. They are a blast on ultralight spin tackle or a 4-5 wt fly rod. Hickory jacks run up in Deer creek and the Octoraro to spawn unlike white shad which stay in the Susquehanna.

 White shad numbers have been disappointing the last few years due to the Conowingo death trap, offshore netting and other human influence. This species was once the most abundant and sought after of all the fish that swim in the Susquehanna because of their great fighting and eating qualities. To see what the white shad run has become the last couple of years is depressing to say the least. However, I am optimistic that these great fish can make a comeback if given a chance.

 Fortunately for us anglers, the Hickory jacks are doing much better and are around in large numbers from early April to mid May. They can be caught in the Susquehanna River from shore or by boat and in Deer creek and the Octoraro when the make their spawning run. There are places that are only accessible by boat that are excellent fishing for hickories and they are usually not as finicky in the river. I have access to a private stretch of the Octoraro during the shad run so if you prefer to stream fish while wading, give me a call to book a shad trip.

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